7kw Solar System

Do solar panels still generate the ROI you are seeking? It would seem so, as thousands of Victorian households have installed solar PV systems in the last few years alone, with 10-20% of homes in the Melbourne area now meeting at least part of their energy needs with the sun. Affordability plays a pivotal role in today’s economically dence society and here at Green Edge Technologies we provide you with amazing 7kW solar systems prices in Melbourne. Transparency is synonymous with Green Edge Technologies and our team endeavours to ensure that you get the most savings when it comes to solar panel installations.


Choosing Green Edge Technologies is a decision that will leave you with peace of mind, knowing you’ve selected a responsible business that will provide excellence and superior quality not only in the installation of commercial solar but also in its future maintenance. We proudly say we are one step ahead of the industry, thanks to our extensive experience in both, domestic and commercial solar.


If you are seeking for a 7kW solar system price Melbourne that is both cost-efficient and will administer leading quality, whilst maintaining those hefty electricity bills to the minimum; you have landed in the right place at the right time. Here at Green Edge Technologies, we are the pioneers in the industry for over 10 years and counting when it comes to anything solar powered. We liaise and work alongside our customers to ensure that the desired energy outcomes are met and exceeded.


Professionalism, dedication and overall excellent customer service are our key stepping stones that have led us to our success. So, once again if you are on the lookout for a 7kW solar system price Melbourne - call us today for a friendly discussion on your options and how to get started.