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Commercial Solar Power System

Welcome to Green Edge Technologies, the industry pioneers when it comes down to commercial solar power solutions. Our cutting-edge commercial solar systems and energy saving solutions allow our Victorian customers to reduce their energy costs and remain competitive in a rapidly changing world. We provide a core group of design and installation specialists for each project. Our Founder and Director, Benn Simpson, has nearly two decades industry experience and is incredibly passionate about sustainability and delivering alternative energy solutions to our clients.


Improve Your Energy Systems

Green Edge Technologies are at the forefront of alternative energy solutions, helping a range of businesses across Victoria lower operating costs, reduce energy wastage and improve the comfort and safety of their environment.


Large integrated solar systems

An installation of this scale requires highly experienced engineers to maximise investment, ensure optimal system operation and monitoring via reactive switchboards. We have installed large solar systems up to 200kW and can design a solution for your business.


Voltage & phase optimisation

Our Australia wide voltage and phase optimisation solutions aim to reduce the voltage received by your electrical equipment, helping improve operating efficiency as well as reduce energy costs and power demand. Our team has unique capabilities across campuses and corporate buildings.


Power factor correction

Optimising your power factor maximises current-carrying capacity. This will improve voltage to equipment, reduce power losses, and lower electric bills. The simplest way to improve your power factor is to add a power factor correction capacitor to your electrical system.


When you hear the phrase “commercial solar power system” or even “commercial solar systems” your mind should pinpoint to one and only one company. The industry leading team here at Green Edge Technologies.