Industrial Solar Solutions

Power prices have been increasing for a while now as uncertainty over the fate of traditional power generation has grown. With increased pressure from various sectors of wider society to make the switch to renewable energy, warehouses and manufacturing centres are investigating ways to get ahead of changing times and bring renewables into their power mix. As the first and largest provider of industrial solar power solutions in Melbourne, we’ve spent more than 10 years providing end-to-end renewable solutions for single and multi-site firms. Our mix of talented engineers and technicians work hard to deliver our clients with industrial solar power systems that blend seamlessly into existing infrastructure and impactfully reduce the cost of running their operation.


The team here at Green Edge Technologies has worked to make our industrial solar power solutions and process for industrial solar installation as comprehensive yet as simple as possible. We know that this is a big investment for your company and that you expect to get peace of mind at every stage of working with us. Our company is passionate about helping to lead Australian industries through the transition to decentralised energy and provide them with solutions that are future-proofed. We want Australian businesses to realise the positive, progressive change renewables can have for their firm. Instead of waiting with uncertainty over your energy costs, take a proactive step and invest in an industrial solar energy system designed by our talented team. We have extensive experience creating end-to-end solutions for a wide variety of different sites all around Melbourne.


Extensive knowledge and project experience in industrial solutions is what makes us stand out from the crowd! For more information about our industrial solar power solutions here at Green Edge Technologies, feel free to contact us directly and liaise with a lovely member of staff!