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Solar System Arthurs Creek

Green Edge Technologies is a leading solar system installation company and has been in business for a plethora of years. With extensive experience in domestic, commercial and industrial electrical installations, we are more than capable in achieving any work requirements, no matter how big or small. Our promise to you is a Reliable – Efficient – Friendly service, which we are extremely proud of and work towards improving every day. When it comes down to a solar system Arthurs Creek installation - we are your leading company.


Significant Financial Benefit

This is a one-time investment that will pay for itself once installed and working at full potential.


Cleaner Source Of Energy

Generating power from solar energy stays as one of the best green energy alternatives, preventing greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change.


Customer Service

We are a reliable business that takes pride in offering our customers prompt solutions and superior solar power systems.


Packaged Solutions

Our solar power packages include all the products required in the installation of a superior solar power system that are custom designed to efficiently convert external energy into usable energy.


Encompassing the quality of the products offered here with a state-of-the-art team of professionals dedicated to offering outstanding customer support allows us to provide superior advice throughout the installation process. This is what sets us apart here at Green Edge Technologies and has established us as the smart option for all solar needs and solar system Arthurs Creek installations. Thanks to in-depth knowledge of solar powering systems and experience obtained throughout the years, we can adapt to the shifting requirements of the operations carried out according to domestic, commercial and industrial standards, whilst ensuring we provide you with the utmost reliable and sustainable solutions for your project.