Solar System Bayswater

Welcome to Green Edge Technologies, the unrivalled industry leaders when it comes to anything solar. A proud family owned and operated business, we have set our solid foundations on trust, transparency and loyalty towards not only our trade but our clientele. Here at Green Edge Technologies, we take great pride in adapting our operations according to our customers’ needs. You are selecting a company that is ahead of the curve regarding solar systems technology. Benefit from the direct advantages of our premium solar panel systems and experience the difference clean and sustainable energy provides through harnessing solar output. Our staff and accredited personnel will guide you through all procedures and services that include, but are not limited to, commercial and domestic solar power installations. When it comes down to a solar system Bayswater installation - call us!


Experience the difference and feel the power of the sun through us here at GET. We are the leading team in installing exceptional quality home solar power systems. Bringing the power of the sun to you! At GET, our main goal is to bring innovation to residential premises with our cost-efficient solar energy technology. As we keep working towards excellence and offering attentive service, we remain the trusted option for business and home owners who require unrivalled solar panel solutions for sustainable power.


Installing high-end solar products in your house will contribute to increased value in the market and is also eligible for government rebates. Speak to our experts for more information regarding rebates and how the solar energy installation process can be a highly cost-effective solution.


When you select GET, you are choosing a well-reputed company with over 10 crews of qualified professionals who will take care of the installation process and handle maintenance with expert knowledge and experience. We are dedicated to making sure our service is second to none when it comes to clean and powerful energy through solar power and helping you avoid hefty energy bills. For solar system Bayswater installations - we are your company!