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Solar System Whittlesea

Are solar panels still worth the investment in Whittlesea? It would seem so, as thousands of Victorian households have installed solar PV systems in the last few years alone, with 10-24% of homes in the Melbourne area now meeting at least part of their energy needs with the sun. Affordability plays a pivotal role in today’s society and here at Green Edge Technologies we provide you with amazing solar system Whittlesea installations. Transparency is synonymous with Green Edge Technologies and our team endeavours to ensure that you get the most savings when it comes to solar panel installations.


-Leading technological systems that are durable and last in time

-State of the art solar electric system installations

-High class Solar installation services in Whittlesea

-The finest solar packages Melbourne - in both price and quality

-Exceptional and accredited engineers/technicians that will provide an amazing service

-Client oriented team that always puts our clients first

-Affordable quotes that mean sense to you

-State of the art machinery and apparatus

-Over 50 years of experience and over 150 years of combined knowledge

-Strong work ethic and a perpetual drive for client success

-Wide range of discipline areas of electrical installations - meaning broad knowledge

-Innovative solar electric system applications

-Overall excellence and team spirit


When the phrase “solar system Whittlesea” or even “solar electric system” is mentioned, your mind should pinpoint to one and only one company, the industry leaders and innovators here at Green Edge Technologies. With a variety of complex projects that have been accurately completed we are capable of handling any project no matter the scale and complexity. For additional information on our solar powered based systems, feel free to contact us directly. We will work alongside you and provide you with the most energy efficient, achievable and affordable quote.