If your hefty electricity bills are causing you anxiety and budget strain, then solar panels are the first choice you would think about. Solar panels are an environmentally friendly and clean energy source that can provide several advantages. Besides minimising the carbon footprints from your house, it does a great job of saving the Earth. However, it appears there is still a lack of understanding that prevents people from fully embracing solar energy.

Let us know how solar panels work and what factors you should consider before installing them.

How do Solar Panels work at home?

Solar panels collect sunlight using photovoltaic (PV) cells. They are commonly mounted on rooftops. The panels transform the sun rays into direct current (DC) energy that can transfer inside the residence to an inverter.

In the inverter, the DC energy transforms into alternating current (AC) energy, suitable for the house's electrical system. This way, the home appliances get power. Any surplus electricity will be routed to the grid, giving you the energy you require if you use beyond what panels produce.

Key Factors to Consider before getting a solar panel for your home


If you reside in a cloudy area, you will need more panels to install than those who live near the equator. In dark places, the energy output is usually low. Thus, a larger number of panels will compensate for it. Surrounding buildings and trees may cast shadows hindering energy generation.

Roof Condition

Solar panels that are mounted and installed on the roof of your home need to be assessed for safety purposes. Even though the roof appears to be in good condition, the solar batteries and panels would add a significant amount of weight. Only once the roof has been determined to be at capacity, the solar panels are installed to ensure safety standards and procedures are adhered to.

Electricity Usage

The size of your residence and the rooms inside it will impact the amount of power used. Moreover, because you can consume electricity for a multitude of reasons, the number of appliances in use at any given time matters. Thus, it is advisable to get help from a solar installation provider by showing them at least one year’.

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