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Fronius Primo GEN24 5.0kW inverter with REC 405 panels

Fronius GEN24 5kW inverter with REC 405 panels

25kW Goodwe inverter with REC405 panels

Trina Honey Panels and Fronius Inverter

This is one of the more popular packages we provide to our customers.

Katunga Fresh

Addition of 100kW to existing 200kW system.

Kosdown Printing

Sometimes when we’re up above everyone else you just need to stop and enjoy the view.

Hobsons Bay Council

Councils are leading the way…This install is on the BBQ area at a park in the Hobson’s bay council.

LG NeON 2 Panels, All Black System

This customer wanted to maximise their roof space.

New Residential Building Ivanhoe

Unique slate tiling with no suitable mounting brackets that required a custom solar solution.

Kiabram Cold Storage

Energy system upgrade for old buildings that had multiple power supplies for the same premises.

Brighton Grammar

Environmentally conscious school requiring solar panels on the roof of a state-of-the-art new building.

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